New Works

August 2022

I had the amazing opportunity to draw pow wow dancers at the National Arts Centre yesterday. They were so mesmerizing that it was very hard to focus on drawing! My eyes were glued on the dancers! Especially the hoop dancer who continually slid and shifted his hoops to tell a story, making it nearly impossible to look down at my paper. Did I mention that they move fast? The main focus was on gesture, and trying to capture a hint of their colourful regalia. There are sketches of the Traditional Jingle Dance, the Hoop Dance and the Grass Dance.

Also included in this update are a few hockey sketches from my son's last hocky practice, two new robins in ink and watercolour, a fun sketch of my son, and an ink painting of a nuthatch.

May 2022

If you've looked at my sketchbook, you know that I like to do gesture drawings of my son's hockey team as they practice. And although I am not a fan of the sport itself, I do find that they are beautiful to watch. Even those bulky gloves can add elegance to a gesture.